Beach / Country Fun

We have a range of services available and are very flexible to ensure the happiness of every pooch in our care, which gives you complete control over your pooches stay, and more peace of mind.

Holiday Getaway

Nightly Price


Second pooch from the same household

Special Medical/Behvaiour Requirements



$50 (dogs that can socialised with others under supervision and/or have special medical excerise requierments

$85 (dogs that are unable to be socialised)

Transportation Services

Local home pickup (within 50kms)


Home pickup or drop off within 100kms ($1 per km over 100kms)


Drury off ramp meeting point (Mercer Street) by appoitnment ONLY from 6pm.


Additional Services

Beach Outing


Country Outing




Nail Clip


Ear Clean


Crate Rental


$25 per week

Crate attachable water bowl

$25 one off rental fee


$50 (refundable)

We are all about providing the most positive experience for every pooch in our care so we only accommodate up to 15 dogs at a time to ensure that every pooch gets the most out of their stay in the most positive stress-free environment possible.

Thanks so much for having our wee mate for the weekend, it looked like he had an amazing time!!!

Kate (Cider)

Thank you for looking after Hammer & Reg so well over the weekend. They are super pooped after their little holiday.

Sophie (Hammer & Reg)

You can stay in contact during your pooches stay.

We understand how hard it can be to leave your pooch in someone else’s care. For your peace of mind, we encourage you to stay in contact and get updates.

You are welcome to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or text anytime for an update! We promise we won’t think you are crazy or being an overbearing dog parent.

Your peace of mind is important to us!


When we are not exploring the many acres of the farm or beautiful west coast beach or on some sort of exciting family outing, we have a large play area for the dogs to safely and securely play in.

There are plenty of toys including a swing tug tire toy along with a trough to take a dip in ensuring they are kept busy and having a great time while you are away.

To ensure the safety of all pooches in our care, all play groups that are not from the same family, are monitored at all times. Services are regularly altered to cater to the pooches in our care to ensure they have most positive experience while in Positively Canine’s care.

If you are interested in sending your pooch on a holiday with Positively Canine, you are welcome to come out, meet the team and check out our facilities.

Due to our regular outings with the dogs, we are often offsite with all of the dogs so we just require that you make an appointment to visit so we can work our outings around your arrival.


Positively Canine

32 Fielding Road

Awhitu, Franklin 2426



021 2551059