Going On Holiday? Send Your Pooch On Holiday Too!

Positively Canine is based on 15 acres of rolling hills, pine forest, native bush and pine areas with the local beach just 5kms away!


Positively Canine provides itself on being a service like no other.

We cater to the needs of our clients.

We ensure we do everything possible to meet the needs and requirements our clients need in a pet service.

Holiday Getaway

Daily outings to explore the vast countryside gives pooches plenty of space to run and play while providing plenty of exciting new areas to explore each day and keep them entertained and having a blast.

Your pooch a HUGE lover of the beach?

Then your pooch will love our Beach Outing Service with daily outings to the beautiful wild west beach just 5kms away! Your pooch will get to play and splash with their canine buddies.

Rehabilitation Getaway

For our guests that are needing a bit more time and attention for a variety of reasons.

This service is really flexible and really depends on what the requirements are for your pooch and what you want out of the service.




Rental Services

We also provide a rental service for dog products.

Do you have a pet that needs crate rest for a few weeks?

We have a range of different sizes to ensure the perfect size for your pet, with the option of a fitted bed, crate cover and attachable water bowl to keep your furry friend calm, comfortable, and hydrated!

We are not just another boarding facility.

We are a family-based business which means every pooch that comes into our care becomes part of the family.

In 2012, on a chilly morning walk, Positively Canine was born with one person impressed by Vera’s dog handling skills and wanting to get training support for their friends.

From there, Positively Canine started as a small dog training service where building the bond between handler and dog was key to having a well-rounded dog with good manners.

So as time went on and these owners now needed their dog cared for they trusted no one else to provide the best care in their absence.

Vera has spent her whole life with dogs.

Starting with the family dog who was her friend best friend growing up.

She has always had a huge passion for animal welfare, leaving school early to study the Animal Welfare Act. These studies lead to working alongside amazing canine handlers and trained by the very experienced and talented dog trainer Noel Hutchinson at the Auckland SPCA. She has also worked alongside a variety of other great animal charities.

Mike comes from a farming back ground in the Waikato.

He has a background in training hunting and pet farm dogs.

He has a great passion for animals but most importantly a great experience that keeps him grounded to be able to provide down to earth well rounded training service that dogs understand.

Four years later, Vera along with her partner Mike with their three beautiful family dogs Rippa, Milo and Django are continuing to ensure they can provide a one of a kind high level of trusted service for their clients.

We found these guys at the recent Auckland Pet Expo and were impressed so we tried them with out puppy Barney straight away. Vera made everything super easy and even met us at the motorway off ramp to pick our boy up. For the next for day, we saw great photos and videos, up to four times a day, showing our dog have the time of his life with other dogs, off lead walking in great locations. He came back happy and exhausted! For us, it was great for us to see him having such a great time in such great care while we were away. Really can’t recommend this place highly enough. Thanks Vera – and Barney can’t wait to come back!

Dave (Barney)

Our dog spent 19 days at Positively Canine and the care was awesome. He was unwell with a painful leg when he got there and Vera was happy to manage this. Unfortunately, he became worse and Vera cared for him, including trips to the vet. I would recommend them for your dog and only wish that my dog could have taken full advantage of all the fun the dogs can have.

Judith (Hugo)

Frankie is Happy & tired. Freddie is happy to have his mate home. I’m super happy she had a fun time & got to have some freedom. Thanks again.

Siobhan (Frankie)

There is always someone overnight with the dogs.

Mike & Vera live onsite so they are here every night to ensure the dogs are safe and settled. If they are away, another handler stays on site to ensure the safety of the pooches. Even though they sleep in their own crates, it gives us peace of mind to always have someone overnight. It also ensures that we can give pooches toilet breaks should they need them.

Ready to give your pooch the Holiday of their Dreams?

My dogs have had several stays with Vera and they absolutely adore her! They both have so much fun and are always well cared for. Vera did a great job of restricting one of my dogs, who is recovering from a severe muscle injury. Can highly recommend!!

Karynne (Blue & Jackson)



Positively Canine

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